A strange man-a snail from China, who wears his house on the back

38-year-old Liu Longchao (Liu Lingchaо) this is a real man-snail who carries his 60-kg house on the back wherever he went. Made of bamboo sticks and plastic sheets, portable cabin gives Liu a shelter during his long journeys in China.

Liu Lingdao earn food by selling plastic bottles and metal cans that he collects on the streets of various Chinese cities. Man city Rangan (Rоng''an), Guangdong province (Guаngdong Prоvince), built his first portable house five years ago to save money on their travel, and also to protect from rain and cold.

The life of snails like BJ, and since then he has changed three such huts. His last hut has a width of 1.5 m and a length of 2.2 meters, and provides just enough space for a modest bed and accessories that are needed for travel.

The building, which weighs 60 kilograms is not very light burden for one person, so Liu travels on the roads of China at a snail's pace. But he argues that it is still better than to look for accommodation in those places wherever he goes.

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