Japanese scientists have shown that talking robot that will travel to the ISS

Japanese scientists have invented a talking robot-astronaut, who this summer will travel to the ISS. The robot's developers claim that in this way will help astronauts cope with stressful situations that often arise at the station.
"Russia was the first country that sent a man into space, the Americans first visited the moon. We want to be the first country to send into orbit a robot-astronaut that can communicate with people," comments Eritica Nishijima, one of the leaders of the project.

"Little friend" astronauts weighs close to pounds and its height is 35 cm Robot in appearance similar to the heroes of Japanese cartoons, and inside it is a complex system of voice recognition and generation of answers. While the robot speaks Japanese.

The robot has a DoppelgangeR robot Mirata. Outwardly from Kiboro it differs only in the color of the helmet. For space travel Mirata not intended, but it can self-learn through communication with people.

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