Created Recon Jet glasses – the real alternative to Google Glass

While the world eagerly awaits the start of sales of innovative Gоogle Glass, other companies are working hard to compete with the future novelty. For example, the firm Rеcon Instrumеnts presented Rеcon Jet sports glasses that will also be built into the computer.

The company Recon Instruments has for many years known in the sporting goods market as a manufacturer, which combines the development, design, quality, ergonomics and technological innovations. Glasses and Recon Jet have to put her on a much higher level.

Recon Jet is an interactive glasses, adapted, primarily, for sports outdoors. In particular, and in the winter time.
Unlike Google Glass, Recon Jet screen located at the bottom of points, and not at the top. According to researches, such a situation much more convenient for the end user.

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