Now teachers will with glasses of additional reality

Scientists from the University Carlos III in Madrid (UC3M) have developed augmented reality glasses that will allow to increase efficiency of the learning process.

"Smart" glasses, allow the teacher to see notes or comments on the content of the lesson and, therefore, it is possible to adjust the explanations to find out how many pupils there are difficulties and, ultimately, to improve the manner of teaching and to improve the efficiency of the learning process.

The innovative system, called Augmented Lecture Feedback System, the ALFs aimed at improving interaction between students and teachers, especially in large classrooms. The system works simply: the teacher wears glasses, it should be noted that while they are very bulky and uncomfortable to look at, but students using their mobile phone make notes about the lecture. The teacher sees status and evaluation of students in the form of special characters, such as the abundance of icons "don't understand" immediately gives the teacher to understand what needs to be explained again and something simple.

The main advantage of the new device is that the students get a new way to communicate with the teacher and classes are not interrupted with questions, comments, and the students have a problem of shyness and fear of public issue. Moreover, the teacher will be able to see the comments and thoughts of the disciples, and then he will be able to highlight particularly interesting moments and not to forget any important things.

Teaching is driven by a prototype of augmented reality glasses with gestures using Microsoft Kinect.

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