The wastewater will be a source of alternative fuel

Even the smallest town can contribute to the protection of the environment. The most usual method to do this is to use alternative sources of renewable energy. Today not to surprise people wind farm and a solar battery. And in a tiny Spanish town of Chiclana de La Frontera, built the world's first plant that will convert sewage into renewable biofuel.

Using wastewater and sunlight, the plant produces biofuels from algae, which can be used in the engines of cars. The biomass of algae produces carbon dioxide, then it converts to a compressed gas that you can fill the car. The plant already produces the algae, in the nearest plans at it — regular production of the fuel, which is enough for annual refueling 200 cars.

In addition to creating clean fuel, it is important the fact that the plant is cheaper than custom factory wastewater. This makes such a venture is doubly beneficial to the city.

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