The mobile device can be attacked with the help of music, light and vibration

Scientists have invented a new, trudnoperevarimoy ways for malware to run on mobile phones. They are connected with music, light and vibration. To get acquainted with the experiments on the site of the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
Experts from the University led will Netexam Saxena can activate harmful programs that have been infecting mobile phones from a distance of 15 metres in a full corridor with the sound source. They were able to achieve the same effect using music videos, the light from the TV screen or computer monitor, the vibrations from the subwoofer and the magnetic field.

About his discovery, experts said at the eighth conference ASIACCS, which is dedicated to computer security.
"We have proved that the sensory channels can be used for the transmission of short messages, which can be used to cause mass signal attack," — says one of the researchers Nitesh Saxena.

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