Created by injection of oxygen, which will allow you to live without air

Dream of mankind about how to learn to breathe under water is very close to the realization like never before! Scientists from the hospital in Boston have developed the injection of oxygen, they will allow to do without air for 15-30 minutes.
Previously, there have already been attempts to teach people how to stay under water for a long time with no special dome or diving. As examples of this could stem from a concept called Micro Algae Scuba, which involves the generation of oxygen by using algae.

But scientists from Boston children's hospital (Bоston Childrеn's Hоspital) offer us a much more effective and realistic way. They created an injection that will saturate the blood with oxygen for a period of up to half an hour.

This is done primarily for medical purposes. For example, to care for patients during attacks of suffocation. One quick shot will relieve doctors from tracheotomy – introduction into the trachea of a special tube through a surgically created hole in her throat.
During this injection in the human body will be introduced was developed by researchers from the Boston-based solution of the fat particles that contain oxygen molecules. The latter will be released upon contact of the fat with red blood cells directly and to saturate it with oxygen. But there was a huge amount of interested in this technology people who have a relationship to extreme sports.
The divers already dreaming about what they will be able to dive under water without scuba gear for half an hour and more if you have a in stock a couple of syringes with the solution from Boston doctors.

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