Three basic products that are dangerous to health in the heat

1. Fish
Fish in the heat you need to look at carefully: dull eyes, dark gills, scales clearly lagging deny is a sign of damage. Best not to buy in the summer, smoked and dried fish with hands and in conventional markets regardless of how well they fish, hands and look. Toxicity to fish some of the most serious. Dried buy is in principle possible, if the fish is really dry elastic sides and moist meat, it is better to say "no".

2. Cheese
In dairy products warm the bacteria multiply very quickly. Very frequent cases of poisoning with bulk cheese. Therefore, in the heat of the campaign to market her grandmother's cottage cheese is better to refuse, even if grandma and its product have never been let down.

3. Cancers
If you really want crawfish, buy live. To recognize fresh cancer if he is not moving, the tail – it needs to be preloaded. Cancer, whose tail hangs, straight to waste.

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