The most useful bath for Your skin

1. The result from taking a bath can be different: You may like to relax after a loud party, and recharge before beginning. For example, relaxation contribute to the smell of vanilla, Jasmine, sandalwood, lavender, and courage — sage, Basil, bergamot, Apple. Add fragrant products directly into the water or just light aromashodu.
2. Modern citizens seldom take a bath not because I don't want to hurt the skin, but because no time. For this reason, we often take shower only. So as a bath, especially with foam or scented soap, to cleanse the body much better.

3. Dive into a hot bath not abruptly, but gradually. It protects the body against stress. If the water temperature exceeds 37 degrees, keep the chest above the water line.
4. It is believed that there is no need to take baths more than three times a week because the skin in warm water swells and loses a lot of fat, and then peels off and dries. Really important not to forget about thorough hydration.

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