Top 5 most beautiful birds on the planet

Of course, worthy of birds — thousands, if not millions, and they are all something stand out, but the rules section, you can choose only five.

American Kestrel. Lives throughout the Western hemisphere from Canada in the North to the Falkland Islands in the South. One of the most elegant and small birds of prey.

The Atlantic puffin These birds nest in groups or colonies on steep sea shores of the North Atlantic. Eat smaller fish and marine invertebrates. It got its name because of the gullibility of the people.

Crowned crane. Habitat - West and East Africa. Very romantic bird. Courtship may be accompanied by reciprocal dances, which include tossing tufts of grass, the flapping of wings, rush, Bouncing or shaking of the head. The appearance and beauty of the courtship of these birds could not get past our "Top 5"

Kingfisher. It is widely distributed. Moves only with the help of their wings, as the legs are very short and are not intended for long travel. The plumage of the Kingfisher near dim; its brightness is achieved due to the refraction of light feathers. Rudis like to see them — a rarity.

Tangerine. Bird duck family. Its flight is fast and maneuverable, it is easy to take off, sometimes almost straight up. Unlike most ducks, it can often be seen sitting on branches of trees or on coastal cliffs. Hunting it is forbidden, it is included in the Red book of Russia as a rare species.

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