How to shop at online stores

Why waste valuable time, twirling the miles of boutiques and churning legs, markets, supermarkets? About the advantages of Internet Commerce, You know. But here's some interesting facts You can learn today. Video about how to buy in online stores – expert advice.

1.According to Mediascope Europe, more than 94% of Internet users from Russia at least once bought something online.

2. Buy cheap online stores today can absolutely anyone, but that age advantage are people of 18-30 years.

3. In 1995, consummated the first sale through the Internet: on the website sold a book.
4.That often buy in the Internet? Clothes, household appliances, tickets and books. The company Yandex has analyzed the 21 category of goods and concluded that in recent years has increased the demand for home goods, health products, gifts.
5.Effective tool for e-Commerce are social networks. It pays for itself quickly and requires almost no investment.

6. According to experts, in the coming years the Internet Commerce will overtake traditional sales in 2 years.
7. In 2015 the population will spend a year on the Internet, according to forecasts Mediascope Europe, half a trillion dollars.

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