Top 5 incredibly comfortable narrow apartments and houses from all over the world

To design a really comfortable accommodation for up to 8 m2. And 13 m2 can accommodate a full shower, kitchen, living room and bedroom. The survey collected five comfortable narrow apartments and houses from all over the world.

Roadside billboards have become an inspiration of Polish architects from Front Architects on the creation of the Single Hauz. Eco-friendly house "on legs" can be built in virtually any location.

Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman (Tim Seggerman) was able to settle on a 22 m2 Studio apartment. The main area is the bathroom, living and kitchen area, bedroom and library, the architect moved to the attic.

Round sectional home Rollit Homes – the work of German students from the University of Karlsruhe. To modular housing "given" behind the walls, the furniture, the owner should stand in the middle of the room and walk like a hamster in a wheel. A simple physical exercise not only helps to burn calories, but will also open up access to the right "room".

The narrowest in the world, a dwelling built by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny (Jakub Szczęsny).
The width of the triangle apartments varies from 72 to 122 cm Keret House thisnot neighboring buildings. Jakub States that his home is perfect for traveling writers who prefer to live and work in Warsaw.

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