The world's first elektroavtomat who doesn't need time to charge

In the South Korean city of Daejeon introduced the world's first transport line of electric buses that don't need time to charge. Their batteries are filled with energy in motion.
Scientists and engineers have long think over how to provide electric buses non-stop for the whole day. Because this transport requires a lot of energy for movement, and thus the batteries have to be recharged more often than the batteries of electric vehicles.

The point of this technology is to be placed along the streets on a road, the cables will be passing through electricity. They would be able to recharge the batteries of the vehicles by means of electromagnetic induction. Magnetic field to be created in this case is enough for the stated purposes.

Thus in CAT expect that in the future the system ОLEV be used not only buses and trams, but ordinary private cars, which in South Korea every year becomes more and more.

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