Bear-cat was hiding in the jungle: Found a new kind of animal

For the first time in 35 years, I managed to find a new species of mammal.
American zoologists have discovered a previously unknown animal that lives in the tropical forests of Ecuador and Colombia.
Animal with the face of a Teddy bear and raccoon, a close relative of the raccoon family. It was called aligica (Bassaricyon neblina). Over the last 35 years this is the first new species of mammal discovered in the Western hemisphere.

A detailed study olegito as a new form began after the zoologist Kristofer Helgen of the Smithsonian institution in Washington in the Museum store in Chicago came across the carcass of an unusual animal. "The animal's skin was bright red, and looking at the skull, I couldn't relate it to any animal. It differs from all species known to me, and I immediately realized that it was unknown to science β€” said the zoologist. β€” Olegito belong to the group of animals that includes dogs, bears and cats."
Scientists say that the animal eats mainly fruit, and leads a nocturnal and lives alone. Females carrying only one cub at a time.

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