How to make hair lamination at home gelatin?

The procedure for the preparation of masks for homemade lamination hair with gelatin is simple and does not take much time. As an ordinary mask, a gelatin composition needs to penetrate and saturate the hair, and on preparation of gelatin takes about 15-20 minutes. So let's go.
Recipe masks for lamination hair with gelatin is pretty simple. For its preparation you will need:
1 tbsp gelatin (10-15 g)
3 tbsp warm water
0,5-1 tablespoon of mask or conditioner for the hair
This is enough for short hair if You have long or thick hair, adjust the composition, keeping the same ratio of 1:3:1.

Pour gelatin with warm water, cover, put in another container with hot water and let stand for 20 minutes so the gelatin has swollen and dissolved. Now thoroughly rinse the hair shampoo, additionally you can make a nourishing mask or use a hair conditioner. Rinse hair with warm water and Pat dry.

During this time, the gelatin should dissolve, if the lumps still remain – heat the gelatin in a water bath to dissolve, but in no case do not boil and do not nrate gelatin in the microwave. Do not use a mixture with undissolved lumps of gelatin, as then they will be difficult to comb out of hair. Add Pollock hair mask or conditioner – this is to ensure that the mixture is best applied to hair and thereafter well washed away.

An hour later, the mask should rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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