Created the first wrist watch with a "cuckoo"

The famous company Jаquet Droz, which has 275 produces automatons in honor of its anniversary made the world's first wristwatch with a songbird inside. A small mechanical bird, for the first time in history was placed under the domed sapphire glass, and she became the main feature of the model.

"Wonderful bird" on the dial not just moves, but also sings! "Singing" module works on exactly the same principle as table automatons of the eighteenth century. He has a miniature fur, which with the help of micropore serving the air in small tubes, and thus the bird on the dial turns, beats its wings, moves its head and tail, opens its beak and sings!

Through the transparent sapphire dial eyes open module device, and a complex system of gears, plate and bridges of the movement.
Price unique Bird Sharming hours amounted to 450 000$.

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