Interesting rituals that are relevant to this day

Dance Of The Sun.
Native Americans, as you know, often took a lot of the rituals in honor of the earth spirits. The ritual represents the connection with the great spirits, and sacrificing yourself means maintaining direct contact with the Tree of Life. The skin on the chest of participants pierces spit, which is attached with a pillar, symbolizing the Tree of Life.

Voodoo and spiritual possession.
Followers of Voodoo rituals found in some parts of West Africa. One of the rituals is to take over as a kind of vessel, some other soul, or spirit. The spirit takes over the body, but the person remains conscious. After the ritual, the spirit goes out of a man three days.

Fire walks.
The festival takes place in Penang, Malaysia. One of the rituals of purification — walking barefoot on hot coals. Find that fire repels evil spirits, enhances virility and helps to escape from evil thoughts. With this goal, the fire held hundreds of people.

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