To drain the air in the pool can be via smartphone

Technology SMART DRY, on the project which work the experts of the company Miсrowell will allow you to perform dehumidification in swimming pools using the smartphone. The owner of this device can realize remote monitoring of equipment in your pool, regardless of location, from almost anywhere on the planet. The user who is at a distance of thousands of kilometers from home, available the monitoring of temperature and humidity parameters of the pool and, in case of need, it is possible to correct them.

In fact, no matter in what city is the dehumidifier for the swimming pool Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Paris, Mexico city or Rio de Janeiro. The device must stably operate regardless of climate conditions and time zone. In excess of 70% relative humidity for 2 hours or more warning device will alert the owner about the problem emergency SMS to a mobile phone.More detailed information about the SMART DRY on the European and world markets and its price will be available after the analytical Department of the company Microwell processes the data held among the potential buyers of the survey.

As a reminder, on the roof of a shopping Mall in Kyiv have built a modern beach resort.

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