How to greet in different countries

The mysterious Oriental people have an interesting custom that said another famous naturalist Przheval'skogo: meeting and parting, the younger Tibetan removes his hat before a senior and, slightly tilting his head, showing tongue. According to one version, this method, he assures his interlocutor that are not possessed by demons, as they tend to show green tongue.


To show their military power and agility of the strongest men of the tribe when greeting show traditional dance Adam: they dance compete to see who will jump higher. Before the handshakes, the men necessarily spit on his hand, and women greet, touching palm to palm of the interlocutor and performing the set song.

The people of China instead of a greeting is always exchanged unusual for any European phrases: "have You had rice?", "Yeah, thanks, and You?". And it does not matter if whether you have already or not, this greeting is just kind of a courtesy, since bread – an incredibly important part of Chinese culture.


Thais greet when the interlocutor at a distance, apply the United hands to the head or chest, the closer you bring your hands to the head, the more respectful will be treated a resident of Thailand to the person whom he greets. Those who are younger in age, always greets the older first, crouching in the low bias, and in response to receiving a polite Wai with her hands crossed on the chest.

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