The most amazing facts about eyes You didn't know

Few people know, but the human eye is composed of three main elements – water, fat and mucus, which in turn consists of a large number of acids, and protein and sugar. Eyes should be kept moist and under good conditions, the body itself provides the necessary amount of water to lubricate your eyeballs. That is why people blink.

Another little-known fact about the eyes — in fact, the right and left eyes see different clarity. Even when medically confirmed "equality" of vision in both eyes, there is no equality, because one eye always sees the worse. Human eyes are completely formed at the age of 7 years.
The eyes are quite sensitive to different diseases, even those that are irrelevant to vision. Rather sensitive eyes react to cardiovascular disease. In this case, quite often one sees white spots.

Vision is so important method of the world perception in the human brain, to process visual information, there is a separate "sector". Scientists say that the ability to interact with different brain regions would help to clean up a lot of vision problems. Reinforce the theory with some experiments. So scientists found that the human brain can perceive and process graphical information, even in the case of a complete lack of vision or even the eye.

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