Smartphones can determine the level of radiation

Researchers from National laboratory, Idaho empirically proved the assumption that the phone can respond to the presence of radiation in space. In addition, they found out what phone exactly will be able to register the presence and amount of radiation. For this purpose we used a special app GammaPix, which gave a possibility to turn the devices into a kind of Geiger counters.

Our hypothesis was that the CMOS-sensor camera, when hit by radiation, would react to it. Specially for this purpose several experts, headed by scientist Joshua Cogliati has developed its own app called CellRad.

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In tests participated the phones Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus For experiments chose the rear camera of each camera because of higher resolution than the front. Tests were carried out on the radiation of isotopes of Selenium, Iridium, Caesium, Cobalt and Americium. What was the result?

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The results of these tests, it is best with the task coped Nexus S, which released in 2010. His sensor was most sensitive to the emergence radiation, which is reflected in the image.

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