OLEV buses: urban transport a new type

The OLEV platform is the result of extensive research and development Korean Institute of advanced science and technology (KAIST). The technique is as follows: under a special strip, which is printed on asphalt, is the inductive charger. Passing over this strip, the vehicle will get energy-contact method: part of it is used for electric motors, and part is stored in onboard batteries.

In this way, the bus is powered directly during the movement, which eliminates long stops for charging. Besides obviating the need for pulling electrical wires above the roadway. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the weight of onboard batteries, and this increases the efficiency of operation of transport.

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Energopolis are only certain sections of the route. Technology will require removing 5-15% of the roadway for the integration of cable and other infrastructure elements Online Electric Vehicle.

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