A homeless American has released copilarie for smartphones

USA is still the place where people believe in a dream and doing amazing things. With one of the homeless of new York, 23-year-old Leo Grand, when something happened. In August 2013 on the street he was approached by programmer Patrick Makkoli and offered Leo a choice: a hundred dollars or a laptop with a solar charger and a few books on programming, and current cost of lessons on programming.

Leo is not a mistake by the computer and books. The experiment turned out more than successful: after three months, he wrote a useful phone app Trees for Cars, which can be translated as "Trees for cars". And not so long ago the app Trees for Cars, which was written for the iPhone and phones based on Android, became available to every resident of the United States for only 99 cents. What it can be? The application that was developed by Leo Grand offers its residents a method to make the air cleaner. For a given route, it tells the user the paths around the city, which cause minimal damage to the environment.

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In Trees for Cars, you can select the status of the driver or passenger, putting the right route. The application then finds a companion. This cooperation is beneficial to all participants, as the cost of petrol divided equally, and nature — the atmosphere gets less CO2. Now, he hopes the newly minted programmer, he can afford to buy a house with the proceeds from the sale of the written application.

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