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Monster truck Gods Kroller
Being pretty huge, this monster can reach speeds of 20 km per hour. With 4-wheel traction machine overcomes all obstacles from muddy puddles to the hills. This is a real gift to fans of extreme radio driving. See here

Drone machine from Rc Cars
Drone and machine in one. Yes, You heard right. Last year, the first drone-a machine introduced in China at the new toys of the future. Six months later, this fantastic looking product is already available in stores first in the United States and then in Europe. Below by clicking on the button learn more.

A car that drives on walls
Have you ever seen a car that drives on the ceiling and walls? If You think it's a joke, You're wrong — this is a reality! In 2018, the first cars released in America and once they became popular. Interested? Below the article, click on the link to find out more !

Transformer and radio-controlled machine 2 in one
Remember the movie transformers? New toy will make You believe in the existence of real transformers. The remote control is very simple and the machine can easily become a robot. The model itself develops quite a lot of speed and can ride turned into a robot. The link is below.

Mini cars remote control Rc Cars
Machine Bank Coca-Cola is the smallest machine in the world. Will be a great gift to all fans of RC toys. The uniqueness of this model is that it is sold in cans of Coca-Calling. After the game, the model can easily be put back into the jar.

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