In the European Union promise to get rid of plastic by 2020

By 2020, European countries are planning to dramatically reduce the use of plastic bags and to establish a mandatory recycling of plastic. The EU authorities have set themselves the goal of collecting and sorting up to 80% of this type of waste. Moreover, it is planned to combat illegal exports of plastic waste.

This was reported in the adopted on the eve of the resolution of the European Parliament. So the EU plans to solve the problem of plastic waste, global scale which threaten the life on Earth. The European Union plans also to recycle them, thus to develop and strengthen the processing industry and sustainable economy.

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Now the EU has no rules and special regulations on the processing and recycling of plastic waste, countries are guided by General legal acts in the field of waste. According to experts, all measures for waste disposal, in their implementation, can help to save the European Union 72 billion euros each year.

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