Where you can relax from the Internet and gadgets?

Family values in the canadian Outback
Morning "five-star" ranch starts with Thai yoga. How to spend the day on, you have the opportunity to decide for themselves: in the program "Bessarabova weekend" this year included horseback riding, Biking, Hiking in the mountains in the company of a border collie, fishing, Spa treatments.

Thirty one million eighty six thousand forty two

In the centre of Dublin without Internet
When talking about where you can get away from digital pleasures, in the last instance seem to be a hotel in the centre of a European capital. Meanwhile, the Westin Dublin one of the first in Europe began to offer customers an e-detox.
In addition to safes, where when you register, you are asked to hand over all your gadgets, an integrated offer includes: room with a wonderful "heavenly bed" with 10 levels and 5 pillows of varying stiffness, Breakfast in bed, massage, and even a seedling that you can take home.
Thus, visitors are led to the fact that they are better acquainted with the capital of Ireland.

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Fifty nine million seven hundred thirty two thousand two hundred forty four

Adult scouts
No real names, talk about work, age, money or deadlines. No junk food, alcohol and drugs. No child. Any digital Virgo, including photo and video equipment are prohibited. A wonderful chance to break free not just from the influence of technology, but also from various labels that define social status.
Fourteen million six hundred fifty one thousand three hundred sixty five

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