A terrifying Ghost town in the East of modern Turkey

In the East of present-day Turkey, near the river Akhuryan is the Ghost city of Ani — the ancient Armenian capital of Ani Kingdom. Based close to 1600 years ago, the city was at the crossroads of several trade routes. In the 11th century there lived a close to 100 thousand people.

In later centuries, Ani and the surrounding areas hundreds of times conquered the Byzantine emperors, tours & Ottomans, nomadic Kurds, Armenians, Georgians...For 1300 years, Ani was in full decline and it was almost completely destroyed in 1700 years.

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In 2010, the "world heritage Fund" made monuments in the list of "Monuments on the verge of death". Let's take a walk through the ancient Ghost city of Ani, which is known as as the "city of 1001 churches".

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