Scientists figured out how the man and woman switch bodies

Occurs an experiment using cameras and microphones attached to headsets, and simultaneously send the video and audio streams on the glasses and headphones partners. In fact, the woman sees only what she sees her partner is a man and hears the words he says and Vice versa.

For the implementation of the performance, the couple agrees and they synchronously perform certain movements, for example, to simultaneously raise and lower hands. While everyone has the illusion that he is now in another body — a woman raise your hand, but will see a male palm.

At the same time uttering some phrase, the participants hear it performed by another person.

Experts believe that this experience can be quite useful for many people to understand each other, to increase empathy among individuals. In fact, we will focus on the extraordinary excursion into the world of another person is of a different environment, a different gender, age or skin color.

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