5 tips for feeding a baby cereal

If you decide to feed the baby "food from boxes", adhere to certain rules.

1. Try to limit the use of "dry food" two or three days a week.

2. Give preference to mixtures of grass. Unlike any "stars", they contain a lot of fiber necessary for proper bowel function.

3. It is better to use cereals and muesli without sugar, but with fruit. They will spare tooth enamel, while they contain potassium, good for the heart and intestines, as well as vitamins necessary for the prevention of neuropathies, which have often overwhelmed the students.

4. Parents should know that any rough product is poorly digested, the more sweet, is an attack on the pancreas, so muesli is better to pour water or milk and put in 4 – 5 minutes in the microwave.

5. Put in the portfolio the students lunch, not chocolate, but fruit and yogurt.

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