The US has created a toilet with solar energy producing biochar

At the University of Colorado boulder presented its latest innovative development. The staff of this institution has developed a standalone toilet which using the sun's energy, able to process human waste into biochar.

Representatives of the University said that such know-how, they were prompted by a depressing statistic, according to which the world die each year up to 700 thousand children in the diet which subsequently find pathogenic organisms from feces. In other words, in underdeveloped countries many people do not have even minimum sanitary conditions, and their needs they celebrated virtually anywhere. Development of American scientists is designed for six people, and with the help of a mobile hydraulic crane can be mounted almost anywhere. The main elements of its design are of the actual stall, a set of eight parabolic mirrors and a camera for waste combustion.

The rays of the sun reflected in the mirrors, get on a tube made of quartz glass, to which is connected the fiber-optic cable. The generated energy on it goes to the camera, which, under the influence of current, heats to 315 degrees. It is enough that all pathogens were killed, and stool turned into biochar. The power of this unit is 700 watts, and, according to the developers, for the stated purposes.

It is also noteworthy that the resulting biochar is perfect for the characteristics of the fertilizer. And though in small amounts, but it can become a tool for the development of agriculture in those underdeveloped regions, which designed a unique toilet. Neither about the cost nor the timing of the release this installation information yet, since the present sample is only a prototype. And, despite the fact that strange look he's already ready for mass production, its creators are still working on fixing some technical flaws.



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