How to properly care for fruit seedlings

Fruit trees and shrubs planted on the site, bring pleasure with its flowery appearance, aroma, and of course, harvest. To new pet settled down and pleasing their owners, you need to choose the right kind, variety of trees and to make them appropriate care, following these simple rules.

The choice and types of fruit seedlings

Below the trees took root and developed well need to purchase varieties bred specifically for the area where they will grow. All kinds of fruit trees can be divided according to the method of reproduction is seed and stone. Next to these two types of trees are best not planted as stone fruit, such as peach, quince, cherry will prevail over Apple and pear and to inhibit their growth.

It is very important to choose the right place where you want to place them. Fruit like slightly acidic and neutral soils. Soil with high acidity level for them will not work. But if there's no other choice, the acidity of the earth can be reduced by soil application of quicklime, after digging. In addition to the desired result of reducing the acidity and will decontaminate the soil and get rid of many types of pests.

How to plant seedlings

Can be planted in special pits or mounds. The planting hole is better to prepare in advance, preferably for 2 months before planting. This is to ensure that the soil has time to settle. If there is a danger of flooding, it is best to pour in the pit drainage using clay pebbles or a small stone. The size of the pit is approximately 60 by 40 cm For the best survival and growth, it is possible to make the pit fertilizer: potassium salt, compost, humus, urea, about 10-15 kg per pit in General. Planting on the mounds implies a mound of fertilizer hammered around the peg and tied him to a sapling, in the form of mulch. In this method, upsetting the root system will be better supplied with oxygen.

Care during the year

It is necessary to carry out irrigation during the whole vegetation period of the plants. It is important that the moisture has reached the root system, so you need to make around the trunk of the boom for water from peat or other means. From time to time the soil around the stem you need to loosen for best supply of oxygen. To make mineral and organic fertilizers to protect from pests. All this will help to grow well's a fruit plant that will long to please his master.



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