"Smart" Parking – fee for air pollution

Madrid is one of the most environmentally hazardous cities in the European Union. City officials are trying to resist the growing air pollution, presenting the first intelligent system of Parking fees. It calculates the cost of Parking based on the amount of harmful emissions vehicle.

Owners of diesel cars and other vehicles with a large share of harmful emissions will have to pay for Parking anymore. For diesel vehicles older than 2001 will have to pay an additional 20%, while for hybrid vehicles the discount is 20%.

For owners of electric cars Parking in the city will be free.

The European Union considers the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) the major source of environmental pollution and determine its normal limit of 40 ág\m3. Indicators of Madrid exceed this safe breathing level 5 times.

It will be fair if the cars that bring more harm will be charged higher. This compensates for the cost of those owners who think about the environment, said ELISA Barahona, Director General of the Department of sustainability and mobility of the City Council of Madrid.Madrid initiates other programs to clean the air, including energy-saving city buses and scheme of exchange of bicycles, which is scheduled to launch in June.



Source: greenevolution.ru


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