Addicted to love – sickness


A love addiction or addiction – one of the varieties of dependency along with alcoholism and drug addiction with the only difference that it does not arise from chemicals and from the partner in the relationship.

In such a relationship one of the partners would be dissolved in the other, constantly focused on him, depends on his desires and moods. There is no equality. One dominates and the other submits. The latter takes full responsibility for the relationship itself, suffers humiliation and forgives, allows you to treat yourself as if not allowed to anyone else. In a dependent relationship often have a feeling that "it is impossible, but without it you can't." Love addict often is in a state of discontent, jealousy, doubt, he often get mad at your partner and get irritated. But much afraid that it will leave, will leave.

In such relationships suffer and are destroyed, of course, both partners.

I would like to note that the dependence of various degrees is present in any relationship. But if the relationship brings more pain and suffering than pleasure and happiness when in relationships cannot grow and develop, then, most likely, it's a love addiction that needs "curing".

How can you get rid of love addiction? Here are some practical tips:

— recognize that the problem exists, that You are in a dependent relationship;

— share your own experiences with other people, stop to hide and to justify the partner;

— start to follow their own needs and desires in life;

do not take responsibility for the life partner for yourself, he's a grown man, and no You will not die. (don't run them, don't blame him, not control him, etc.);

— ask for help. Without the assistance of a qualified expert, unfortunately, love addiction, like any other, you can't. After all, its origins lie in the childhood. And it takes a long, laborious and deep work on yourself;

— focused on what's important – Your recovery.

I'm sure You will build a healthy relationship with a man who You will respect and truly love!

Love You, but only healthy!

Author: Maria Of The Sea



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