The researchers plan to conduct several major studies in the Chukchi sea

A small group of scientists from the research laboratory of fisheries, in the month of July will be held a number of research in the Chukchi sea hydrobiological plan to collect data on the situation of the underwater world. Processing of the obtained data they will take, as they believe, not more than six months.

Deputy chief of the head of the research center Serhiy Zagrebalny, organized a press conference, it was said that this kind of research was conducted before the current time, thirty years ago. For such a significant period of time, the undersea world has undergone many changes, particularly caused by the movement of the pack ice shelf.

Experts believe that coupled with this, have changed significantly the number of inhabitants of the deep sea, not to mention the algae and temperature conditions. In addition, according to expert scientists, in the North of the continent, September will start a major engineering-geological research, but that's another story.

According to scientists, electronic cigarettes do not help quit Smoking to Make such an unusual conclusion scientists helped study involving not less than one thousand people exposed to this harmful habit with a daily Smoking at least one pack. On the results of the study, citing official data said today international media. The end result of the research scientists was the fact that electronic cigarettes are not help cope with this addiction, and the amount of nicotine contained in it is only a jot less

Soon, the space will be up on an ordinary Elevator the Next fifty years, according to experts in the field of space design, as well as any research, to visit space will be available to anyone who chooses to take advantage of the unique invention-a lift. According to leading experts of international academic complex for astronomical research, and mechanical functionality of the newly developed device is a high speed train. Unofficially, however, bears quite serious

Rodents are prone to more fear from men than from women

Rats and mice, as it turned out, more susceptible to fear from the stronger than the weaker sex. To such an extraordinary conclusion reached by scientists who have studied this phenomenon in the laboratory. As established experts, rodents in the room alone with the representatives of the stronger sex, had a strong fear of the sharp rise in the hematopoietic system of the hormone corticosterone.



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