A breakthrough in energy storage—electrical cables that can store energy




Using nanotechnology, scientists at the University of Central Florida have developed a revolutionary method for the production of electric cables. Now they can not only transmit energy, but to store it.

The researchers used a conventional copper cable, on the outer surface of which is grown a layer of filiform nanocrystals. Then treated with a layer of special alloy, having a single electrode. The second electrode, the scientists have received multiple layers of metal and plastic. Then the layers are glued with special gel. Received the cable due to the copper mine retains the ability to transmit electricity, and the shell around it is to store a powerful charge of energy. Thanks to such a supercapacitor on the outside of the copper wire, its ability to incredibly expand.

Although the new technology requires further development, the researchers are confident in the high potential of the invention. Versatile cable can be used for the production of tissue, where the flexible solar battery included with such fibers will make your clothing independent from external power sources. The development will be in applications for electric cars, space rockets and portable electronic devices.



Source: nauka24news.ru/


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