In the Altai Republic began the construction of Russia's largest solar power plant



With the introduction of solar power in the region will decrease the energy deficit and there will be clean energy. According to experts, the Kosh-Agach station will be able to provide stable power supply of not less than a thousand households.

Note, the Altai mountains – scarce region. Build large stations are not beneficial to anyone, since the Republic consumes a maximum of 120 MW of electrical energy.

"Here 300 days in a year Shine the sun. Also, here is a skilled workforce that can not only build but also to operate such a station. Last year we introduced the experimental station in jajlju, it works successfully and brings light to people all day," — said the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Altai Republic Robert Paltaller. President, Avelar Energy Group (investor of the project) Igor Akhmerov stressed that this facility will become a landmark for the whole country, because its successful implementation will open the way for new similar projects and new investment.

Next year will be built two more stations for 5 MW each in Ust-Kan and another in Kosh-Agach. In 2016, the year will start the construction of the station in Onguday, as well as in the village of Inya, it will be the largest station has a capacity of 25 MW.

In addition, in the region of the planned construction of Autonomous diesel-solar power plants in the regions of decentralized power supply with power up to 200 kW.




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