Pets— how to teach your dog not to rush on passers-by


Canine Andrey Shuvalov will show you how to teach your dog to attack people and other dogs while walking on the street.

Regardless of dog breed, many owners are faced with the fact that the pet is behaving aggressively throws herself at people, barks at other animals, getting in fights.

To teach your dog to behave is not "a gentleman", saying to her, "No barking!", will not work. How could we not want to establish a friendly relationship with the animal, the dog sees us only from a position of strength. Therefore, to prohibit to behave aggressively need to physically.

While walking tool for training your pet is getting the leash. With the help of its owner to control the dog, so she will not run away and act on it if he doesn't like.

In order to prevent the manifestation of aggression in dogs, you need to change a fancy collar on a leash that is under tension will bring the animal discomfort. And when the dog decides to attack the human or other dogs, the tension on the leash will not allow her to do so. The dog will seek to avoid uncomfortable for her position and while walking will be calm.

Detailed lesson training dog at home from Andrei Shuvalov, check out our video:

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