Scientists have created thermopolymer that can be used for cooling electronic devices

In the course of the study polymer polythiophene experts studied the properties of thermally conductive fibers that can be used in the automotive industry and instrument making as the cooling part.

These fibers possess high quality and can compete even with the best representatives among thermopaste. Previously, it was assumed that there is no possibility to use the polymer for use in the thermal interface, as if exposed to high temperatures they are decomposed. However, over time experts have found a way to use this material as a component of solar panels.

American scientist, who is at the head of the group that made the discovery, says that it's all in the nature of bonds between molecules in the substance. Due to the chaotic arrangement of linkages in the polymers, they do not cope with the thermal conductivity. The lack of direct links just prevent the spread of the quasiparticle oscillations, which are involved in the heat transfer process.

In the Soviet Union a scientist by the name Tamm discovered such a thing as a photon. This element represents not that other, as the quantum motion of the crystal atoms. Scientists in the research came to the conclusion that in the crystal structures, the atoms can interact actively, so it was difficult to observe in them the phenomena of thermodynamics. As displayed huge number of equations of the differential type, which is analytically impossible to calculate. A special approach was the replacement of the crystals on the sound waves, under which quantum and began to understand the phonon. The special technology of growing filaments gave an opportunity to direct them in one direction, whereby to stabilize the movement of phonons.



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