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Parents often worry about straying from the hands of the students, and they hire Tutors, trying to align the precarious position. And if Chad's diary strewn fives, should I worry? At what point in the student life can become so unbearable that the only solution would be "to stop the pain in any way"?

Fourteen million seventeen thousand five hundred sixteen


Literally in the previous generation, it was axiomatic. If you have brains, you do good in school and go to College, finish it and get a guaranteed, high-paying jobs. Moreover, master's degree gave the right to additional living space, additional pension, additional holiday. That is, no one even no need to explain was why it is necessary to study well. And what were the alternatives? In vocational schools, file to wave? In the army, generals cottages to build? The girls had the prospect of marriage at least. So I tried all they could. Who could soberly assess their capabilities, leaving after the eighth class in College and received profession.

Once there were two girls – best friends, inseparable, parted only at night, everywhere and anywhere together since the second grade. One was from a Professor's family, not just higher education, but in reality – the professors of Moscow state University in the fifth generation. Studied left foot on the straight, not making the slightest effort, allowed myself and two for undone homework, then corrected with a reserve... Second of hereditary military men, large family, strict upbringing, physical punishment for three, about two, no one stuttered. Her study was given by work, work and again work. But the girls were friends, they did not care who is from which family. Adults could see how different their level, it was evident that one leader, and drags, and the second all time "trailer". But the main fact is the result? As a result, the student was both, so everyone was happy. And so everything was fine until the eighth grade. And then Lena, where the learning was hard, refused to quit after the eighth grade at teachers College, although she advised all who could, teachers, parents, friends. But she didn't imagine life apart from friend, the girls had long ago agreed to do one specialty and and go through life together. In high school it became apparent that the program she barely pulls, especially on the exact items. Masha can barely cope, but she helped his father and older brothers, physics, and Lena began to sit up at midnight. Besides, a cheerful and slightly rowdy Masha appeared suitors, she every acquainted with Lena, trying to arrange a square "two on two", but something slipped. It all ended in crushing failure of the Lena river on the entrance exams. Mandatory for all universities essay Mashka wrote on 5/5, famously, an hour. Lena spent the allotted six hours and got a couple. It was a blow of incredible force. The girls are so believed in his dream of "learning and working together", that "plan B" just came up. At the last second, with the involvement of his grandfather, a General, Lenka the scruff dragged in off the wagon College. But it was not her train. After the first year she took the documents and went nowhere. After 25 years on it, there is no information rumored to be working either as a cleaner or babysitter. Any profession has not received.

What "this coat"? That is, what does that long history to the problem of the current standouts burnt to ashes, gone into depression medalists, lying on the sofa winners? The most direct. Most of the stories I encounter in my office looks like.


Parents – Muscovites in the first generation of what is called "validating" of the province to the capital universities. They remember well how rested all the limbs, groin, day and night, to the point that the blood of a nosebleed. They have experienced several crises and defaults, broke up and continue to vpahivat there is strength. Higher education is only available to them social mobility, they self-made man/woman behind them had no influential relatives. Their business they built from scratch, literally from the tray at the Luzhniki stadium, with one stall of cigarettes. Children for them are the main value, meaning and purpose of life on them, as on the last ACE, put everything. "My child will live like a Prince". Therefore, the design feature children's elite kindergartens with native speakers of the three languages, the coolest school in town, vacation in Britain and Scotland, educational activities for the year. Often the wife/mother leaves work and devotes herself to the education of children. I personally know of moms who all day long carry children for additional classes: school, music, tennis/karate/dressage, a foreign language. "We have a week eight extra classes. Eight!"with inexpressible pride in his voice. It is especially hard for those children who have found "abilities". They begin to tear apart both teachers and parents. During the "rut" poor guy go to the Olympics every week. To me on reception they get when it begins to fail the body. Strange tics, eczema, which is not amenable to any treatment, plucked eyebrows and eyelashes, vomiting... All of these symptoms can be translated in one word: "enough is enough!"They are not allowed to just walk, they don't dig in the headphones, lounging on the carpet, don't read stupid comic books. They learn-learn-learn, eleven years without a break, because for the holidays they also have a job.

If you count the load, we find that a ten - to – fifteen-year-old man works more than an eight in the morning until ten at night. Almost without rest. Why all this terrible suspense? Will not believe: for admission to a prestigious University. When I say it, I just jump up in the chair. Why, pray tell, why do you need this receipt in the Tower, or at MGIMO? How to change your life, if the child is there to learn? At this stage parents begin to get confused in the testimony.

It seems to be a prestigious University is valuable in itself. Received – and all of life's tasks completed. Or not? Or is it just a stepping stone to "higher paying job"? Or the door abroad? As practice shows, is in itself a strong institution determines nothing. This is absolutely not a guarantee of future cloudless life. Children who do not know anything in life except how to solve math problems or to write the Olympiad in a foreign language, be absolutely helpless in the face of reality. And they were tired.


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