Amazing natural temple made of marble in Buenos Aires

The deepest lake in South America located between Argentina and Chile and, as I wrote above, is famous not only for its trout and salmon. Its water glittering combination of emerald, turquoise, aquamarine and blue seem even more golubyim the sky. Moreover, the shores is the most unique and amazing natural temple made of marble.

The lake looks great from afar, but when you approach its beauty becomes more apparent. The passages and caves that were formed over long periods of time, allow small boats to sail inside. Although this idea seems at first questionable. You do not need much time to fall in love with the maze Las Cavernas de Marmol. Even the biggest cynics just hang jaw from such a majestic spectacle.

Besides being the deepest lake in South America, the Keeper of the Pit covers an area of almost a thousand square kilometers. It is 200 km, at an altitude of 350 meters and its maximum depth of 590 meters. Argentines call it the lake Buenos Aires.

The marble protrusions stretch along the beach almost 300 meters in length. The water of the lake for a long time fought against the marble, and their infinite patience, have created this beautiful sight. The rocks glow different shades which depend on the natural impurities of the marble. Although on the white shores of the predominant blue and pink marble, it has and other minerals, which give this award-winning, incomparable, color.

The truth is the Marble Cathedral consists of three formations. The largest is El Catedral — the Cathedral itself. And two small formations that known as La Capilla — the chapel, as if it rises from the lake, and La Cueva — the cave.

It was calculated that these huge rock of marble weigh 5000 million tonnes and consist of 94% calcium carbonate. This place is not the most hospitable in the world, but it's for the best, according to local residents. Although the region is cold and humid by the lake its Sunny microclimate. So, although you may be cool on the way there, you'll definitely warm up.

These stunning paintings — a huge achievement photographers. Because the cave is not only difficult to get, spray and waves make the photo quite challenging. Often, as only small boats swim into the cave, the journey becomes impossible. Although this is perhaps one of the most beautiful places on earth, the majority of photographers out there somewhat reluctantly.

However, there are cases when travelers stay in this amazing place much longer than planned. However, in this Paradise there was a big problem. The company Hidroaysen plans to build five large hydroelectric facilities in the basins of the rivers Baker and Pascua in Chilean Patagonia. And it will destroy the banks of the reservoirs, the original ecosystem, rich in fauna and local culture.

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