The village koelga and Koelginskoe field of white marble (42 photos)

Easter Sunday. Already eat a certain amount of dyed boiled eggs, cake bunker at the morning coffee and breakfast spring sun and beckoned to go out and blue sky convinced that walking is not hurt and the camera. My wife and I looked at the map in any noteworthy places within a radius of no more than 100 kilometers, we were not. The choice fell on koelga village that is famous for its marble quarries, which in turn is one of the largest in the world, and in Russia it is the largest. And so, we decided to go koelga.

At least until koelga from our town go far, my wife and I love the tradition to stop halfway and eat, even when the morning poemshi.

View from space of our snacks.

Fluffy buds are already preparing to blossom. Another week and a half, and the first will seem so loved by all green leaves.

They drove to the village koelga.

Having entered the village saw the white top of the quarry. Turned into the first corner to the left, thinking that the road will lead to the mine. But the road passing by the church and the memorial to the tank somehow ended.

Koelgintsam - Fatherland defenders from grateful descendants!

Standing next to a tank, we turned around and drove further down the road. We asked the boy how best to drive the local boy explained available. And here it is Koelginskoe field of white marble.

Inside a career in sunny weather much warmer than outside, because the rays from the white marble is very well recognized.

Panoramochka career.

Video was also shot.

In a career go BelAZ.

Extraction of marble similar to the archaeological site.

In some places on the marble cubes "sit" overgrown moss.

The bat comes frozen hard snow.

Marble pattern.

Today is Sunday, but his career is a work in full swing. They work here, apparently, in shifts.

Unmade road near the quarry. Notice how the designated path for pedestrians - all made of marble.

Someone's house a few meters from the quarry.

The driver of BelAZ, passing by us, smiled in greeting and waved his hand to us. They are probably already accustomed to tourists, bloggers, photographers who come to see the marble quarry.

And the village itself looks koelga.

The mainstay of the bridge over the reservoir are, of course, the marble blocks.

This sign in the village koelga that is on the road, we had dinner on the way back. The holes in the sign - the result of local entertainment.



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