2011 Dakar Rally in Buenos Aires (43 photos)

Dakar Rally started in Buenos Aires with a ceremonial parade of hundreds of cars, departures from the famous Obelisk on Saturday, January 1st. 16-day itinerary would lead pilots to 9499 kilometers across northern Argentina, the Andes, the Chilean Atacama Desert, then back to the capital of Argentina. Record number of pilots - 430, last year participated in the rally in all 362 riders. However, the number of starters in the rally is always lower. This year's route goes northwest from Buenos Aires to Chile. Then the riders heading north through the Atacama Desert, then in Arica in the far north of Chile, on the border with Peru. Then the race turns to the south, back to Argentina on January 12. It ends on January 16 in Buenos Aires. Rally is always held in Europe and Africa, but in 2008 the race was postponed because of the risk of terrorist attacks. The following year she was "moved" in South America. Rally held on the continent in the summer when all holidays and vacations.


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