Doctors warn about the dangers of poisoning in the summer

Summer has just begun, and the doctors have already fixed the frequent treatment of patients with poisoning. In the summer, many residents move to the country, where cooler and more comfortable and breathe easier. And during the summer vacation most people get cases of food poisoning. And the reasons are very harmless – the lack of normal water, regular water flow. As a result, worse wash dishes and food, and the harvest that has just collected from the garden to wash. It is worth noting that even parsley picked from the garden and not washed can be the cause of poisoning.

There is a list that in the summer require special attention, these include berries and fruits, vegetables, milk, meat. Special attention should be given to meat products, since summer is the time of picnics and barbecues, and is a particular danger. If you can roast the meat in large chunks, they can not fry, not even looking at what is becoming a beautiful Golden color and excellent smell. If the product to cook badly, he would be a real environment for bacteria to multiply and develop. After spending a couple hours in the sun, the product should not be consumed – it is dangerous to life.

Besides, in summer, increasingly there are cases where people are poisoned mushrooms. To prevent this, it is good to understand them – to distinguish between edible and inedible.

The main reason of diseases are viruses that enter into the food, the drinks. The main bacteria that can be found in spoiled product is the bacteria E, coli, Salmonela, staphlococusaureus.

After entering the body, viruses cause nausea, diarrhea, weakness of the body, raising body temperature. All these symptoms are standard in cases of poisoning. If we are talking about a small child who can't explain what happened to him.You should pay attention to symptoms such as lethargy baby, pale complexion, bad breath, fever, lack of appetite.

Besides, virus intestinal infection can stay in the body for up to two weeks without letting themselves known, but to cure the disease very quickly, in the case that will be taken correct measures in time. As soon as you notice the symptoms of food poisoning, should immediately to the doctor. Besides, it is necessary to drink a medicine that removes toxins from the body.

At the moment, doctors are advised to give preference to drugs of the class of chelators, for example, POLYSORB. Action presented of the drug is that it absorbs all the harmful substances that contribute to poisoning and intoxication, and displays them in a natural way. For the reason that the drug is completely eliminated from the body, POLYSORB allowed to take young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Besides, doctors advise to drink more fluids and follow a special diet. The essence of the diet is to eat only porridge, cooked with water, crackers of white bread and tea. In the process of how you will recover, you can eat light soups, vegetables, white meat, which is steamed or boiled.

And in order to make your stay safe, protect your loved ones from food poisoning, you should follow some rules, which will guarantee a perfect holiday. Certainly wash your hands before you eat and after using the toilet. Wash foods carefully evaluate their appearance, the packing condition, the period and conditions of storage. Fruits, berries and vegetables should be well washed, if possible, to douse boiled water. In this case, you will not be trapped by troubles that arise from the action of heat.

The author Lezhenina Anastasia



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