Child 1 year— develop and educate

As you know, children grow very fast. One of the most interesting periods is the time from 1 to 2 years, when the baby comes out of its infancy and begins to actively explore the world and communicate. Parents are required not only to enjoy the first words of a child: the more effort will be invested in the upbringing and development of the child at this stage, the more you will get later.

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The joy of learning knowledge of the world — perhaps not the most important thing in the upbringing and development of the child aged from a year to two years. You can see how with boundless energy, your toddler tries to touch, taste, shake, flip, knock. to disassemble, break.

In any case don't let a little Explorer. Forbid him not to touch things, everything really valuable or dangerous hide in inaccessible places and leave the rest to the cognitive process. The word "cannot" should be applied only in extreme cases, otherwise, accustomed to hear him at every step, the child will simply cease to perceive it.

Don't worry about the mess — you can always arrange things at the end of the day, but the knowledge acquired independently, even to the detriment of order, is priceless.

Well, if you'll devote some time to participate in "raids" baby on cabinets and tables — the child will be supervised and you will be able to tell him about the things he encountered, and at the same time prevent undesirable actions with things.
First words — how to talk baby?

Of course, in the year the child is still not ready to fully reproduce words and phrases. But you will notice that memorizing words is a very active kid understands your request (to bring any thing, take a spoonful, close the door, sit on the potty, etc.). All children start talking at different times — someone to two years of mastering the first words, and someone in half gives the entire phrase. Girls often outperform boys in language development, however, subsequently, the boys are quickly catching up.

If you want to help the child remember the words better and faster to learn to speak, the recommendation is simple — more and more talk with him:

call the surrounding objects;
spoken out loud actions — yours or his;
explain what need this or that thing;
tell me how to behave on the street, at a party with other children;
read nursery rhymes, tales, sing songs;
do not distort the words and not Lisp, and don't laugh over how the child says.

The above recommendations are very important for successful education and development of the child, because at this time laid the foundations of intellectual capacity, and from your actions depends largely on his mental development in the future.
Fall useful!

At the age from one year to two years all the children very often fall. This is natural and should not cause any concern from parents. The fall can't hurt anything more than bumps or bruises, because the bone in his still very pliable and not afraid of broken bones. With drops nature itself has taken care to ensure that the kids have a trained vestibular system and the muscular system. Therefore, seeing that your child fell, do not rush immediately to pick it up — let him learn how to stand up. Keep your parental impulse and just observe, keeping the chair come sofa, and then just balancing baby in the end he will restore the vertical position. Independence teaches the child to cope with difficulties, don't deprive him of this invaluable experience!

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