Polar bears are vegetarians necessarily


Polar bears on the archipelago of Franz Joseph became vegetarian in order to survive. The discovery was made by Roman Ershov, Director of the National Park “Russian Arctic”, reports HotNews.md.

"A hundred years ago, the waters of the archipelago was a solid ice field. 20 years ago, even in the summer, remained part of the surface of the ice. However, in recent years the waters of the archipelago do not freeze, and only icebergs," — said Yershov.In an interview with Interfax Yershov said that the last time the ice surface dramatically reduced, negatively affecting populations of polar bears and seals.


According to him, the melting of ice leads to the disappearance of sea animals that serve as food for polar bears. In this case, polar bears remain on the shore, attacking colonies of walruses, hunting birds and eating seaweed.

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Source: ecology.md/page/belye-medvedi-vegetariancy


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