How to reduce the negative impact of tap water on our skin

Tap water is very bad for our skin. The inherent rigidity caused by the high content of salts of calcium and magnesium that get into the ground water, percolating through layers of limestone rock. In addition, the water is still chlorinated. Fatal harm to the human body it is, of course, will not cause, however, some inconvenience is guaranteed: the hair become brittle, the skin dries and itches, so is aging prematurely. How to soften water and how to care for skin after taking a shower? First, for the soul is offered a special nozzle that supposedly soften the tap water is indeed valid, but their shelf life is very short.

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Adversely affects the skin and hot tap water. In Metropolitan areas it district heating, therefore causing dryness, irritation and even dermatitis. For example, when the summer time shut off the hot water we have to heat or use a heater and get a completely new water notice?

So after taking a shower is not scratched leather, it is advisable to choose a shower gel and creamy, ideally its composition should include Shea butter, Shea butter, cocoa powder and other similar ingredients. Cleaning gel with these oils perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Alternatively, for a daily rinse can warm water alone, or better yet, make a decoction of herbs. They must be chosen according to skin type: series, camomile or others. And hair can be rinsed with water, acidified with lemon juice or vinegar.
Often a water softener using flax seed. To prepare the broth, it is necessary in a liter of water add 4 tablespoons of the seed, and boil the mixture for 5-7 minutes. The decoction will be ready in an hour, this time he needs to brew. Use it even for bathing babies – just pouring into the tub before bathing. Of course, every day to cook the broth troublesome, so a liter is divided into two times, and the rest of the broth to stash in the fridge. Still, as with infusions of herbs – a few days the broth is in the fridge.

The next available method of softening tap water is a soda. Per liter of water, simply add one teaspoon. To improve the quality and composition of the water you can use sea salt, which is very useful for the skin, however, adversely affects the hair. Makes water clean, soft, and conventional boiling for 3-5 minutes.

If you still feel tightness of the skin, it is immediately after shower you can apply nourishing or moisturizer. This is especially true for owners of dry skin type for which the use of such tools is necessary. Nowadays in commercially available superfood butter, which are sticks of butter with the cocoa butter content, pure Shea butter, coconut, Shea butter. But if you make a coffee natural scrub, you won't even need a moisturizer – just rinse without soap. As a result, the skin will be moisturised with cocoa butter. Also immediately after a shower, you can use baby oil – it is applied to wet skin. It is also important that children's cosmetics are hypoallergenic.

Abuse creams or oils to the body also not recommended, such tools will be more useful only if you use them as needed. This is because store-bought cream include unnatural components, which hinder the skin to breathe. Carefully study the composition of cosmetics, give preference to natural means with a small shelf life. If you don't trust them – make cosmetics at home.




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