The beauty of mathematics excites emotional brain

A new British study has suggested that beauty may have a neurological Foundation. Using brain scans, experts from the UK found the assessment of abstract beauty — such as in the search for mathematically beautiful. Beauty excites the same emotional region of the brain as appreciation of beauty that comes from more sensory experience – like listening to music or the study of objects of art. Scientists have reported recently the results of their study in the medical journal open-access "frontiers of Human Neuroscience" July 7, 2014.

The author of the recent research of Semir Zeki, Professor at the laboratory of Neurobiology "Wellcome", University College London, said that the amount of activity in the brain correlates with how intense he is aware of the contact with beauty.

He adds:

"Many of the people mathematical formulas seem inaccessible and dry, but the mathematical equation can be the quintessence of beauty."
For the study, the team asked 15 mathematicians examined 60 mathematical formulas, and gave each a rating from -5 to +5.
2 weeks later, the researchers invited participants to rate the formulae again during skierowane of the brain.

Views showed that when the volunteers looked at mathematical formulae they consistently evaluated them as beautiful, and this contact intensified the emotional region of the brain which is active during a direct contact of a person with art.




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