Engineers have developed a new radiation detector

Nuclear engineers from the University of Oregon has developed a portable and inexpensive device for detection of radiation. The new detector will help people around the world better understand the radiation around them, its type and intensity, and how it represents a threat to health.

Developed by Professor Abu Farsoni says: "With the new device people will be able to better understand and study the environment in which they live. Background radiation is a natural part of life that many people do not understand, but in some cases there is a need it just in case. This technology can accomplish both goals."

The system is a miniature gamma-ray spectrometer, which measures not only the intensity of radiation but also determines the type of radionuclide that is creating it. This system is much more complex than "Geiger counters" that provide only minimal information about the presence and level of radioactivity. The detector has a small weight and sizes, good energy resolution, low power consumption. The engineers say that different models can be developed for different needs.



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