Useful tips from the distant past that are useful to modern man

A pack of cigarettes is not the sort of thing where people would look for useful tips for life and health. But oddly enough, in 1910, the manufacturer of "Ogdens and Gallaher's", put in packs of their cigarette cards with useful tips on all occasions that are relevant to this day. With these "life hacking" smokers could learn how to fell a tree or to save the man who touched the bare wire, and also to get useful information on how to distract the attacking dog and many other interesting tips.

How to light a match in the wind

Make a "tree" on the match, as shown in the picture. When you light a head, the resulting shavings will immediately break out.

How to extract a thorn or splinter

Fill a small bottle with hot water almost to the edges and press firmly to the arm. Cooling down the water will absorb your skin and after some time, the splinter will be easy to retrieve.

How to make a fire extinguisher and how to fell a tree

A. Dissolve 1 pound of salt and 0.5 pound of ammonia in two liters of water. Then throw this mixture in the fire and any small fire will be extinguished.

B. Make a wedge on one side of the tree, and then the same wedge on the opposite side. Pull the tree with the rope in the right direction.

How to boil a cracked egg

A broken raw egg when cooked will not flow out if the water add a little vinegar

How to keep the lid ajar

Earlier for this purpose used clothespins

How to light a cigarette with ice

Place the piece of potassium on the tip of the cigarette and touch it with a piece of ice.

How to preserve fresh eggs

For long-term storage of eggs you just need to take and put them into salt and after that placing them in a dry place.

How to water plants while you are away and how to make water filter

A. Fill a large container with water and place it above the plants. Take woolen rope and immerse one end in the container and the other in a pot of flowers.

B. the clean water can be obtained from conventional zinc bucket with a hole at the bottom for draining. Put layers of fine sand, coarse sand, clean, and the waste gravel and stones. In the end, from the bottom to pour the purest water.

How to stop a rabid dog

Hang one end of the stick a scarf, a hat or any suitable thing and aim it so that this thing was between you and the dog.

How to make a holder for a bottle of ink

On a square sheet of paper is necessary to make incisions in the shape of the letter "W". Bend the petals obtained, as shown in the figure, and put a bubble with ink.

How to save a person from electric shock and adaptation for those who can't swim

A. Ensure their safety. Wear dry gloves or take any isolated object (fabric, clothing, etc.) and drag the victim's clothing.

B. Tie one end of strong rope to a tree. Then get one scout to swim across the river and attach the other end to a tree on the other side. Make a sort of seat, attach it to the loop, which can move freely on the rope or block. Then, using the easy tether scouts will safely get you to the other side of the river.

How to slice fresh bread

Dip the knife in boiling water for 10-15 seconds, sticking it in slow motion, start to cut bread.

How to blow the brick

Take an ordinary package of a medium size and placing it on the table, put it on a brick. Put in the mouth of the open end of the package and start to blow him.

How to draw a dove, without lifting the pencil from the paper

How to keep Pets



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