Recreated sound of the Big Bang

Recreated sound of the Big Bang

According to accepted theories, the Big Bang was the cause of the formation of our Universe.

Many animators and artists in different fields for many years, attempts their own idea of how could look the Big Bang, to convey to people. But the head even to them, the thought came that he could and still be heard.

The idea of recreating the sound of a Large explosion occurred to one scientist, living in Washington. It is clear that at a time when the universe began (more than thirteen billion years), could not exist any, even the most simple recording devices. However, physicist John Cramer is not confused.

He recreated the sound of the birth of the universe, having many calculations, and making more than one opening. Thus, a recording according to him, education, Being, lasting one hundred seconds.

Kramer used to get ultra-precise temperature data space, the values of indicators of the level of microwave cosmic radiation provided by the satellite, "plank", owned by ESA. With their help, the scientist has created a map of cosmic microwaves, which inexplicably helped him to hear at that time sounded space. Surprisingly, the gap in the 380 thousand years described by the audio, sounding a hundred seconds. It turns out that in an incredibly accelerated sound, in every second, "fit" in three thousand years.

Due to the scientist, everyone can touch the mystery of the origin of the Universe, listening to a recording of Kramer.




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